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New Theatre Design and Artistic Leadership

Anne Bogart has touted San Jose Rep as one of the best regional theaters in the country, partly because of Timothy Near’s artistic direction and partly because of the performance space itself.  “The outside is a modernist box,” says Bogart, “and the inside is a Renaissance jewel.” 

       -Metro Silicon Valley, 2004


“ ‘Anne Frank’ at Center Rep keeps focus on humanity amid horror…It’s the happy moments that are so striking…The space is always abuzz with activity in the production directed by Timothy Near, former artistic director of San Jose Repertory Theatre.  Even during intermission, the characters go about their business quietly, as if mindful of unsuspecting employees below.”  

       -Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

Center Rep, 2019


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Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 2018

“….Put your righteous indignation away, because Timothy Near directs, and “playful" is the best way to describe the result …it's funny! It's also in that very elusive newer style, where what it seems to be, on the surface, intentionally, is really just the tug on a fishing line—to lure us to examine our own place in the world.”       

        -Richard T. Green, Talkin’ Broadway                                       


“…clever, provocative and terrifically entertaining…Near elicits strong performances…Kozlowski brilliantly balances Nora’s confidence and vulnerability, and Reed gets to the essence of a man at odds with himself and in conflict with his past.“ 

        -Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Director Timothy Near gives us a play that is both period and modern. It balances both sides beautifully. From the ghost-ish set by Scott C. Neale to the contemporary language of Hnath’s characters, we’re walking that tightrope without getting dizzy…  It all works quite splendidly.” 

        -Ann Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks 


“While paying homage to Ibsen’s landmark literary masterpiece, Hnath continues the original’s path to controversy with this substantial sequel. See Near’s impressive interpretation and draw your own conclusions.”         -Mark Bretz, Ladue News  



“Timothy Near’s meticulous production deftly renders Fugard’s gem, orchestrating a balanced triad of nuanced performances…a finely realized production” 

        -Marcus Crowder, San Francisco Chronicle


“Veteran director Timothy Near guides with astute grace, nuanced gift, and emotional glow this equally veteran and much-talented cast of three.  She allows the rich script and the astounding production elements of set, lighting, costume and sound to work hand-in-hand with the ever-arresting spoken and silent expressions of this cast, resulting in a production highly engaging, challenging, and moving.  Its two hours pass without notice of time…”  

        -Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddy’s, San Francisco   


Z Below, San Francisco, 2018


Aurora Theatre, 2017


“Final kudos must go to Timothy Near for directing the flow and pace of the production in such a way to guarantee that the various plays within the play are just as real as the supposed real events and that the real events often slip quickly into something more like a stage show.  Her directorial prowess combined with the acting skills of her cast help make this Aurora Theatre production of The Real Thing a worthwhile and enjoyable outing…”

     -Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddy’s, San Francisco   


BorN Yesterday

“…..deftly directed by Timothy Near, Center Rep's production brings out all the humor beautifully but also makes you feel the emotion of Harry and Billie's souring relationship, as well as the simmering sparks between her and Paul. The staging is full of marvelous details, sometimes just as simple as the expression on somebody's face in the background. The setting itself speaks volumes: Erik Flatmo's elegant set is a palatial hotel suite with two-story-tall windows with a direct view of the Capitol building, so close up it looks like it's right across the street. It's an omnipresent visual reminder that this sprightly comedy is ultimately and always very much about dirty money getting way too close to the workings of government, and the complicity of those who just sit by and do nothing to stop it.”                                                                               -Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News          

Center Repertory Theatre, 2016



“A fun and refreshing adaptation of the 1753 rom-com, getting its world premiere at Center Repertory Company…Near puts the buckle in the swash in this charming revival.  A Florentine battle of the sexes!”      

        -Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News

“A comical production that is original and fun to watch…a very silver-tongued translation…”    

        -Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway 

“The production has enough innuendo with commedia dell’arte touches to keep you chickling long after the curtain descends…”    

        - Kedar Adour, For All Events        

Z Below, San Francisco, 2018

…and the boys

“A magnificent play, magnificently directed, acted and staged. What more can we ask from theater, or any art?”, Berkeley

“Timothy Near’s sensitive revival telegraphs sad echoes in our own place and time, and the way money and power cement our fates reverberates clearly in the ear.                                            -Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News


Aurora Theatre, 2015

Center Repertory Theatre, 2015


“Near's direction is superb. She creates time for each character to deliver a unique and often funny characterization, which makes the play all the richer. She also creates a wonderful rhythm for the show -- mostly speedy, but slowing down when necessary.”                                    

        -Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News/East Bay Times


Center Repertory Theatre, 2013

1. .JPG


St. Louis Theatre Circle Awards for Outstanding Director of a Drama, Outstanding Production of a Drama, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Ensemble.  

“Director Timothy Near’s presentation was a superior example of insightful writing and crystal clear interpretation that grabs your heart and soul in an iron vise.”                                           

        -Mark Bretz, Ladue News


“Director Timothy Near’s presentation was a superior example of insightful writing and crystal clear interpretation that grabs your heart and soul in an iron vise.”                                           

          -Mark Bretz, Ladue News


“Show of the season…keen-eyed direction of Timothy Near. “ 

        -St. Louis Post  Dispatch

“…a razor-sharp ensemble delivers expertly calibrated performances that start out in muted shades then erupt into blistering bursts of raw emotion. ……Under Timothy Near’s brilliant chess-like direction, the characters’ beliefs come across honestly, whether they are well-intentioned or misguided.  The moving finale left me speechless, a rare occurrence.  It took a while to exhale.”     

        -Belleville News Democrat

“…...startlingly funny….  The Rep’s presentation of Clybourne Park directed by Timothy Near rises to meet superlatives reserved for truly mind-bending theater…..  flawless timing.”               

        -Nancy Fowler, St. Louis Beacon

 Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 2012


“Near again demonstrates her comic credentials.  Center Rep scores big laughs with pitch-perfect Rumors.” 

                                       -San Jose Mercury News                                                                                                                        “Neil Simon should put Timothy Near on payroll to direct his plays.”  

                                                 -Theatreworld Magazine    

Center Rep, 2012 


“Near has increased the pleasure with buoyant pacing and a detailed eye for ensemble interaction, spontaneity, and a strong sense of naturalism. “        

       -San Jose Mercury News

“The inspired direction of Timothy Near blew dust off the old crowd pleaser and polished the performances to a gleaming luster.  Ms. Near infused the action with freshness and immediacy much like Trevor Nunn did with the 1998 West End production of Oklahoma”.                                                                    

        -Out and About Magazine.      

“The most beautifully intimate and moving La Boheme in 60 years for this reviewer of this opera.  …Near’s sure theatrical sense brought small details into sharp focus….it was like seeing and hearing this masterwork for the very first time.”                                                                                                    

       -Susan Steinberg Opera Blog   

 Opera San Jose, 2011



“...a gripping new production of Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor” that brought out all the hot-blooded excitement of this hardy perennial of the musical stage.....reaffirms the power of opera in all its dimensions.”                      


       -Joshua Kosm, Music Critic, San Jose Mercury News

Opera San Jose, 2012 


“With the show’s excellent cast and Timothy Near’s take-no-prisoners direction, the play is, at the very least, one of the most hilarious productions I have ever seen - great praise considering I’ve seen perhaps a half a dozen versions of Frayn’s farce.”                                                                      

       -Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News/East Bay Times


Center Rep, 2010 



“Ms. Near’s version of MWP is an arresting blend of ‘Vicwardian’ decor and modern energy.  New York’s Roundabout Theatre…will have to work overtime to top this exemplary version.”                                                                  -Terry Teachout, Wall St. Journal                     


“Near keeps the action entertaining and the timing sharp.”                                                                                               -Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle 


“Near’s lusty production captures both the play’s boldness and its timelessness.”                                           

       -Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News

“Near’s Mrs. Warren comes to life with an energy and savage humor that surpasses any production I have seen to date….”      

        -Chloe Veltman, Lies Like Truth Theatre blog

Cal Shakes, 2009    

8. VYA__243.jpg


“Laughter percolates throughout the "Uncle Vanya" that opened Saturday at the Bruns Amphitheater, breaking in waves over the unhappy lives of the denizens of a late 19th century Russian country estate. Empathy gathers slowly around the disappointed characters of Chekhov's masterpiece until Timothy Near's engrossing production reaches its sweet, poignant conclusion.”          


   “Near delivers a beautifully orchestrated “Vanya”.  ...she does full justice to the cosmic comedy Chekhov mined from self-involved, wasted lives without stinting the pathos of their dashed hopes.”                                                              

“Near, who grew up on a ranch near Ukiah, makes it clear that this is a working farm - the home of Serebryakov's deceased first wife, long run by her brother Vanya and the professor's daughter Sonya to underwrite his academic career.”    

          -Rob Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

8. VYA__243.jpg

Cal Shakes, 2008

 Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 2012



“…this production captures the terrifying energy and the uncontrollable lust that seems independent of individual action in times of war….this production turns the theatrical risks into a unified, powerful experience that jangles subconscious nerves…”  


      - Marianne Messina, Metro-Silicon Valley


“…a forceful and imaginatively conceived production…”                                                                    -Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News

“….under the veteran stage director Timothy Near’s touch, the stage fairly vibrates with vitality, with every “witch’s spell” meticulously played out, every twitch and show of mass aberration and hypocrisy choreographed down to the turning of the head and position of the hand.”                                 -Paul Hertelendy,

“Director Timothy Near, Artistic Director of San Jose Rep, demands much of her cast and gets it.  She keeps the action fast, believable and nuanced delivering musical drama of the first order.”                    -Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes


“Director Timothy Near shaped the play into a giddy piece of feel-good fluff that moved quickly, was gorgeous, and punctuated all the funny and romantic moments of the story. Near recently stepped down as artistic director of San Jose Repertory Theatre, and married a few years back. It's as if all the joy and freedom she feels in her new life has been poured into this production — with delightful results.”   

       -Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Theatre Company, 2008 

 Opera San Jose, 2005  

The Crucible

San Jose Rep, 2005



“San Jose Rep Artistic Director, Timothy Near, compounds the pleasure by making the play a visual as well as a verbal delight.  More than that, she’s staged it with great sensitivity and an exceptionally strong cast ….”             -             -Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

 “Timothy Near, artistic director of SJ Rep, chose George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara, to begin the new season “because this is an election year, and it is time for all of us to think as clearly and critically as possible about how the world is run and what our individual responsibility is” she writes in her program notes.  She does her audience a great service, for Shaw’s look at such issues as morality, poverty and the role that the military-industrial complex plays in government resonates strongly during these politically charged times even though the play is nearly 100 years old.  She does her audience a great service in another way, too, for she directs a smartly styled, well cast production that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.  Near has given her audiences a double gift with this play: theatrical excellence and a work that’s certain to provoke thought and discussion long after the curtain call.”

       -Aisle Say, San Francisco

 “The Rep’s production deploys all the theatrical elements in a grand scene change that bares these revelations.  Stage hands in white safe suits conduct curtains to rise, ushering in small and large scale models of Undershaft’s vision.  Brassy intimidation from Gustav Holst’s Mars gives way to the soft-stringed Venus, perfectly imagining the play’s themes.  This brilliant collaboration by director Timothy Near and her designers creates the multimetaphored spectacle that good theatre is all about.”           

        -San Jose Metro

 San Jose Rep, 2004 


“Near paces the action with a musical sensitivity, enlivening her scene changes with the sassy dance moves of stage managers…”      

        -S.F. Chronicle

“Near frames the show with kicky line dancing set changes and catchy Top 40 tunes that give the production a little extra punch.”     

       -San Jose Mercury News

Bad Dates 9_.jpg

 San Jose Rep, 2004 


“San Jose Rep has done it again – brought innovative and cleverly written entertainment to the theatrical scene in a play that celebrates the enormous job of keeping love alive and sustaining long-term relationships in Charles Mee’s Wintertime.”     

       -Rossmoor News

“Like an opera with articulate posturing and ascetic arias, this “slam-bang” emotional roller coaster of complex realities is grand entertainment, outrageously funny and artfully orchestrated by director Timothy Near.”     

       -Rossmoor News

“San Jose Rep mounts a marvelous production of Charles L. Mee’s Wintertime.”                                  

       - San Jose Metro


 ”While there is plenty of extreme passion in Charles L. Mee’s sexy, smart and fresh comedy about love and desire, the pleasures of this winning production are more subtle and lasting than any effusive praise can convey.”

“……Near has brilliantly coached the cast to wring as much expression from a trashed living room as from tart wordplay.” 

       - San Jose Metro

“Director Timothy Near unleashes a first-rate cast on this wildly eclectic material with most enchanting results.”  

       - S.J. Mercury News


“Directed by Timothy Near, the comedy, written by Neil Simon, is magnificently interpreted.  Oftentimes what makes us laugh is the naturalness of the action of every one of the personalities.”         

       -La Oferta

“Timothy Near’s outstanding direction gently whirls the actors around the theatre, turning the shabby folly into a symbol of hope and healing in this tender, fanciful waltz.”          - Curtain Call, Seattle,Wa.

“Directed with loving care and an open heart by Timothy Near.”     

       -Backstage West, Seattle

 “For the first time, I have seen the benefit of “in the round” staging.  Director Timothy Near made the evening flow with organic moments and movements.”   

       -Talkin’ Broadway, Seattle

 San Jose Rep, 2003

 San Jose Rep, 2003


A Contemporary Theatre, 2000


“Timothy Near stages this play inspired by Euripede’s Medea with a transformative magic turning the theatre into a place where both living and dead phantoms wander in search of a semblance of peace”            

       -San Jose Mercury News


“Timothy Near’s direction beautifully captures the crepuscular atmosphere of Carr’s writing, etching some haunting images.Scenes are marvels of economic design, using minimal scenery to create maximum impact                      -Aisle Say, San Francisco


“Then there’s artistic director, Timothy Near’s direction—taut, muscular and poetic as the play itself, full of powerful drama and arresting images.”         

       -S.F. Bay Guardian


“…With this dream cast, By the Bog of Cats…updates the Greek tragedy by personalizing it, and in a way also preserves a piece of Traveler culture by spinning a spectacular yarn no one who sees it will soon forget.”

“Timothy Near directs an outstanding cast who make all the characters absolutely real”              

       -San Jose Metro


“Timothy Nears no-holds-barred production has swept all before it and put Carr up in our new pantheon of playwrights with Martin McDonagh and Conor McPherson.  A production like the Rep’s makes you believe in the religion of live theater and confirms that San Jose is the place to look for great new Irish plays in California”         

       -The Irish Herald


San Jose Rep, 2001


“Director Near paces the play effectively and achieves an admirable sense of naturalism from her actors   -- Nears production is strong and even works out some of the lumps in Hare’s script….the final image –a highly theatrical vision of dignity, grief and salvation—is one that will linger long after Amy’s View ends.”        -Oakland Tribune


“Under the direction of Timothy Near, Wallflowering is foot-loose and fanciful with the elegant tandem of dancing alter egos.  Under Near’s guidance it has become a rich, often fetching choreographic spread.”          

       -San Jose Mercury News


“The crowning achievement of a remarkable season…another shining example of the Rep’s consummate skill at taking a classic work and molding it with important new shadings without lessening the production’s inherent purpose or greatness.  Congratulations to director Timothy Near for shaping a wonderful production.”   

          -KMOX Radio

“Even those who aren’t fond of this play will find this interpretation enthralling and captivating.  The most striking thing is the direction.  Ms. Timothy Near once again makes her mark emphatically on the Rep stage.”                  -KFUO Radio

 San Jose Rep, 2000

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 1997  

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1997

Thunder Knocking at the Door.jpg
Thunder Knocking at the Door.jpg


“The Rep’s shiny new theatre is a beauty.  Small wonder that Artistic Director Timothy Near wanted to open this wonder with a show that would be both a celebration and a showcase.  Thunder fills the bill.  It doesn’t just knock on the door - it raises the roof!”                                  

          -San Francisco Examiner

 “The Timothy Near-directed production is a gleeful introductory party for the new theatre.”       

          -San Jose Mercury News

Miss Julie.jpg


“Director Timothy Near’s audacious preamble to a classic doesn’t transpose the play from its 19th century milieu to the 20th.  But that touch and many others in her exciting production add a tingling psychosexual frisson to it.  A vibrant and convincing piece of theatre that cuts to the heart of Strindberg’s charged text…Near and her collaborators have made this convention-flouting play daring all over again.”      -San Francisco Chronicle

Miss Julie.jpg

San Jose Rep, 1997


“Calculated to provide a chuckle and a tear, and it does both in the Rep’s little jewel of a production…director Timothy Near gets credit, for the blocking is exquisitely choreographed.”     – S.F. Chronicle

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1995

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1997

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1996

7. MTP_173_crt.jpg


 “Director Timothy Near and her excellent cast blaze in this bang up production.”                  

          -WYSO FM Cincinnati

“Director Timothy Near has put her best foot forward in staging this age-old play.  Near has brought out three dimensional characters from her cast  and zeroed in on the topics which are still germane to today’s society.”      

          -The Cincinnati Herald

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 1995 

 San Jose Rep, 2003

The Rainmaker


“A wonderfully entertaining version of this imaginative adventure play…Timothy Near’s direction makes this a show not to be missed.”     

           -Bay City News

“It’s funny, tuneful and charming, and under Timothy Near’s direction it moves along as purposefully as the Broadway Limited.  The result is a marvelously detailed tableau.  Everyone on that stage has a life, and something on his or her mind.”       

          -San Jose Mercury News

 San Jose Rep, 1994

“An inspired Chekhov production concludes the Rep’s season…in a harmonious and rewarding production staged by Timothy Near…The Seagull is an entirely fortuitous conclusion to the year.”                                                  

          -Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1994    


San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1993  


“In Timothy Near’s superb production, The Baby Dance remains admirably taut and tightly focused on the intensity of feeling that isolates the players in their anguished little cells of grief.”                                                                  

          - San Francisco Chronicle

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1993

San Jose Rep, 1995 


“You would have to have a heart of flint and the disposition of an ogre not to be charmed by this loving and cajoling bit of unconventional autobiography.  It is gentle, generous, humorous and candid without becoming needlessly invasive.  Together, sisters Holly and Timothy keep things simple, balanced and, above all, honest.  It is this quality of truthfulness more than any other that permeates the show.”     

          -LA Times

“Timothy Near directs this heartfelt, no-holds-barred autobiography with love and respect…should be added to the list of one-woman shows that knock your socks off.”                -Hollywood Dramalogue

“Exuberant, soul-stirring and thoroughly entertaining…”  “Four Stars!” “Wonderful!”          

-Oakland Tribune

Mark Taper Forum, 1992  

San Jose Rep, 1991  


“The direction by Artistic Director Timothy Near is very strong and keeps the play moving along vigorously.”   

          -San Jose Mercury News

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1990


“Director Timothy Near has done a brilliant job of recreating all the meticulous details of a 40’s radio show…a lovely holiday gift.  It’s one of the nicest I’ve had in years.”                                           - San Jose Mercury News                                                                                                                          

“It’s funny, tuneful and charming, and under Timothy Near’s direction it moves along as purposefully as the Broadway Limited.  The result is a marvelously detailed tableau.  Everyone on that stage has a life, and something on his or her mind.”       

          -San Jose Mercury News

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1988, 1991, 1994

The Rainmaker.jpg
The Rainmaker.jpg


“Near is a powerful director with a sharp, creative vision…a brilliantly comic production.”      

-Alameda Times Star

“Judging by the Rep’s well-defined production, there’s reason to believe Near may be San Jose’s rainmaker.”   

-Peninsula Times Tribune

“Near has made an impressive directorial debut at the Guthrie.  It’s a balanced, thoughtful, and imaginative production that probes the depths of the play without trying to pull it out of shape and make it fit an unlikely concept.”       

- Minnesota Daily

 “Let me say right up front that this is as fine a production of  The Rainmaker as you’re likely to see.  Director Timothy Near has worked miracles with the play.”   

-Minneapolis Curtain Call

 “Near wants to carry us away and she does…her diversions are superb and she must get the credit.”       

-Minneapolis Star and Tribune

 The Guthrie Theatre, 1986

San Jose Repertory Theatre, 1987  

“That director Timothy Near manages to move this Dr. Zhivago-size cast in, out and around the intimate Warren Theatre is, in itself, a wonderment; that she could wring so much out of - well, so much is most amazing of all.”        -San Diego Tribune

“The whole of director Timothy Near’s production has a sense of truth and quiet ensemble…a gracefully exploratory show, funny and revealing in a sometimes spacey, always rewarding way.  How many shows do you know that have the grace and originality to make that claim?               


-La Jolla Light News


La Jolla Playhouse, 1986 

Rep Theatre of St. Louis, 1985  


“For 70 magical minutes, Emily Mann’s words, Bertrand’s acting and Timothy Near’s direction combine in a thrilling evening of theatre that makes an oh-so-overused word like heartwarming reveal its true meaning.”        -St. Louis Post-Dispatch 


“Alas, this insightful and passionate production is Near’s swan song in her too-brief season as interim Artistic Director at Stage West.  But at least she is going out in glory, with a production that expresses her beliefs and her life with all her directing signatures: her fine hand with actors, her ability to blend pictures and music, her imagination, her energy and her spirit, which shines through every production she creates.”        

          -Malcolm L. Johnson, Hartford Courant

Stage West, 1985 

All my sons

“Timothy Near’s production gathers power, and as it surges to its wrenching climax, it becomes a searing, shatteringly acted production of a surprisingly strong play.  Near has now given the theatre one of its finest productions.”         -Malcolm L. Johnson, Hartford Courant   

_All My Sons.jpg

Stage West, 1985 



“Under Timothy Near’s sensitive direction, Nash’s play is nice, even gentle, sweet-tempered, down-home funny and, yup, pretty durn upliftin’.  What Near understands in all this is the charge of myth and reality.  She plays the material at face value, without attempting either to magnify or minimalize its essential corny simplicity.  And even as Timothy Near is with Nash’s easy thought, her direction is also similarly balanced with the play’s humor.”                                    -Kevin Kelly, The Boston Globe

Stage West, 1984 

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 1983

“Near’s direction of the Tennessee Williams classic continued to wander around my thoughts for several weeks after I saw it…I recommend it without reservation…Near’s direction is rich and yet extremely delicate, and the music that she has brought in is absolutely perfect.”                         -St. Louis Post-Dispatch



“Now in a lively and stylized production staged by a young woman named Timothy Near…Near has solved some of the problems of the play by presenting it as what might be called a balletic ballad.  Near has opened the play with a smartly choreographed wordless prelude…Artichoke skips and sings along much more amusingly than at first seemed possible.”                        

          -Malcolm L. Johnson, Hartford Courant

Stage West, 1982

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 1981   

“Ms. Near has created tableaux of bitter beauty, and modulated the emotional flow of the play, both absurdly comic and tragic, more effectively through sight than words.  But in her overall pacing - and those sudden images - she makes Shepard’s dark world throb with disturbingly vivid life.”                  -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Buried Child was directed exquisitely by Timothy Near who used the character’s silence as well as their chatter.  Near directs Buried Child not to entertain your realities, but your dreams.”   

          - St. Louis Business Journal

“Buried Child was the most successful play of the Rep season…brilliantly acted and directed, and it created some talk.”   

          -St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“So much zest, love and enjoyment have been lavished on the production, and Miss Near has directed with such an imaginative, sure hand, that it rips along at the merriest of trots.  The entire production has been, in effect, choreographed.  It dashes and darts, swoops and settles all over the multi-level stage and up and down the aisles of the theatre.  Miss Near never allows it to languish; nor does she allow it to become busy-busy or strained.”    -The New Haven Register

Stage West, 1977 

(This production moved to Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC and played for 5 years)

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