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If you can’t say how you feel, start singing.  If words and music aren’t enough then start dancing! I am always aware of the physical dynamics in any situation: when people come together, when they back off, how quickly or slowly they move, when they touch and when they avoid touching, how physically they express power or submission. People often use a little dance move as emphasis, or they dance spontaneously to celebrate or to be romantic.  This video is a brief collection of such moments.



“Deftly directed by Timothy Near, Center Rep's production brings out all the humor beautifully but also makes you feel the emotion of Harry and Billie's souring relationship, as well as the simmering sparks between her and Paul. The staging is full of marvelous details, sometimes just as simple as the expression on somebody's face in the background.” 

-Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News

TIMOTHY NEAR:  “This is a powerful story about how information and education can change a person and change the world. I believe that!  It was fun to imagine what Billie Dawn was studying to improve her mind. Along with piles of books and a huge dictionary, I chose a Mondrian and Munch and an aria called Vissi d’arte that I found on a very old recording of famous sopranos. The truth is in the details! This was election year, 2016. Brilliant choice of play by Artistic Director, Michael Butler!”


“Near's direction is superb. She creates time for each character to deliver a unique and often funny characterization, which makes the play all the richer. She also creates a wonderful rhythm for the show -- mostly speedy, but slowing down when necessary.”

-Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News

TIMOTHY NEAR:   “This is an early feminist story with recurring themes of striving for independence and self-worth.  The production focused on Charity’s story.  I kept her onstage almost the entire time and the more than 12 locations transformed around her. My dynamite cast included Molly Bell and Tony Award winner, James Monroe Iglehart!” 



“ ‘Anne Frank’ at Center Rep keeps focus on humanity amid horror…It’s the happy moments that are so striking…The space is always abuzz with activity in the production directed by Timothy Near.”   

-Sam Hurwitt, San Jose Mercury News                                   


“Director Timothy Near masterfully illustrates the unimaginable horror of the situation..…Near, her stellar cast and high-quality design team have brought the beauty of Anne's life to a new generation who hopefully may be the seeds of change.”            

-Sally Hogarty, East Bay Times


“I can only describe this exquisite theater production as “must see.” 

Charlie Jarrett, Rossmoor News

TIMOTHY NEAR:  “I was interested in putting two hours of uninterrupted realism on stage, emphasizing how humor, art and creativity can help us survive. Anne was a very sophisticated young writer who did extensive rewrites and shaping.  At the end of the play we took Anne’s words and projected them onto the set while we listened to a soaring violin.  Art lifting us above horror.”



 “A fun and refreshing adaptation of the 1753 rom-com, getting its world premiere at Center Repertory Company….Near puts the buckle in the swash in this charming revival.  A Florentine battle of the sexes!” 

Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News


“A comical production that is original and fun to watch…a very silver tongued translation…” 

-Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway


“The production has enough innuendo with Commedia dell’arte touches to keep you chuckling long after the curtain descends…”  

-Kedar Adour, For All Events

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